Who lives in washington state, near NCAD? :D

Cause when the time comes, I’m moving in with you.
We’ll be buddys;
watch movies, play beer pong, throw house parties, create a zoo of cats/dogs/hedge hogs/etc., we’ll cuddle, maybe even fuck if we’re sexually frustated enough and I think you’re hot.
But seriously. I’m going to college at NCAD(northwest college of art & design) in the year 2014. So leave me space.
But hitmeup first. :3

the University of the Arts;

It’s on south broad street, philadelphia. And it offers a visual arts; painting/drawing program. And since I plan on living outside of philly, I could go here. And they have branches in mother cities, like Boston. :D
but I’m gonna go over the website with my mom and think about it. I kinda wanna figure out which school I wanna go to now, so I can start saving up. So I don’t owe as much.

New York Academy of Art;

That’s it. That’s the school of art I want to go to. Out of so many in NY, that’s it. They have two-year graduate programs in painting, drawing, sculpture, and anatomy. I wanna go mainly for painting, but I’m thinking I could take classes in the other three. Then go back anddo two more years in another subject, maybe anatomy.

They have international residences as well. Like in Normandy. And I’m thinking, just a thought here, that I could do a year or even a couple months there, and get a taste of “world art.” If I really wanted to, after high school, I could visit there, and study art history there. It’d look good on my application.

Money is what blew me away. I never actually realized how much it was to get into college/academy/schools until I actually looked. Fifty-two thousand dollars. Tuition is around twenty-five thousand per year. Now, I might be getting this wrong, because I skimed through the reading, so tuition might be in that fifty-two.

And yes, I know. I’m only a sophomore in high school. But I live in America. Our economy fucking sucks, so bad, and I only see it getting worse. And with tuiton and fees rising like they are, I’m gonna need to start saving now. Forget my plans to rush outta my hellhole called South Jersey. I need a job. Cosmetology can help me pay for school, while I’m in school.

I have an idea of a good plan, that might help me.